From our headquarters in Canada to all our operating locations, we are committed to an in-depth and organizational-wide Corporate Social Responsibility program. We aim to manage financial, social and environmental risks, obligations and opportunities for the long-term benefit of all stakeholders. 

Our commitments to Health, Safety, Security and Environment, including local communities where we operate, are outlined in our policies.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility and Community Relations strategies are based on the following principles:

  • Direct Employment: Creating local employment and business opportunities with the development of our core business and projects.
  • Development Projects: Engaging communities and investing in development projects aimed at creating employment opportunities with sound environmental management, by combining GrowMax’ expertise with local knowledge. In selecting focus areas in which to progress development projects, we have considered the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs). Our current primary focus in Peru is in the areas of Good Health (UNSDG 3), Quality Education (UNSDG 4), and Sustainable Consumption and Production (UNSDG 12), while all of the other objectives are also inherent in our strategy.

Our aim is to “Enrich the Earth”. We believe we have valuable contributions to make to the world at large, but in particular in the communities where we operate: as an employer, as a developer of resources, as a supplier of fertilizers and other products, and as a partner in community development. Our goal is that our company and the communities where we operate continue “Growing Together”.

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