GrowMax Resources' Bayovar Property is host to mineral rich subsurface brines.

In 2013 a Potash Mineral Resource Technical report was issued and estimated Potassium Chloride Mineral Resources mainly on the Bayovar 6 and 8 blocks.

Development Plans and Ongoing Work

The assumption stated in relation to the Potassium Chloride resource estimates mentioned above was that Potassium Chloride could be produced with solar evaporation of the brine to produce Carnallite.

Starting in 2016, GrowMax began assessing the economic value of producing Sulphate of Potash (“SOP”), a premium potash fertilizer product, taking advantage of significant sulphate contained in the brine resources on the Bayovar Property. GrowMax management believes this premium product can be produced using solar evaporation to produce Kainite/Carnallite from brine in the salt reservoir. To that end, the Company engaged WorleyParsons Canada Services Ltd. to assist with the provision of certain design and engineering consulting services. Engineering and market analysis work is also currently ongoing to determine the potential to produce and sell significant quantities of common salt (Sodium Chloride) that could potentially be produced from the brine in the solar evaporation process.

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