Bayovar Property Overview

GrowMax Resources Corp. owns approximately 92% of GrowMax Agri Corp., a private company that owns 100% of Americas Potash Peru SA (APPSA), the 100% title holder of the Bayovar Property, which currently cover approximately 227,000 gross acres.  The Indian Farmers Fertiliser Co-operative Limited (IFFCO) and its affiliates own approximately 8% of GrowMax Agri Corp. 

The Bayovar Property is situated in the Sechura Desert in Sechura Province in northwestern Peru, approximately 900 km north of the Peruvian capital city, Lima, and 200 km south of the Ecuador border.  The towns of Sechura and Piura are located 65 km and 90 km north of the Bayovar Property, respectively.

Field operations are conducted from our office located in Piura, Peru, from where the Bayovar Property can be accessed using paved highways passing through or in close proximity to the Property's western, eastern, and southern limits.


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